The 3rd Trade Union Congress of Nui Phao Mining company, term 2023-2028 successfully held

09:13, 02/03/2023

On February 26th, the grassroots Trade Union of Nui Phao Mining Company Limited (NPMC) organized the 3rd Trade Union Congress, term 2023-2028. Attending the congress were delegates from the Thai Nguyen Labor Federation and Dai Tu District’s Confederation of Labor, the Management Team and Trade Unionists of the Company.

Representatives of Thai Nguyen Provincial Labor Confederation, Dai Tu District Labor Confederation congratulated the congress successfully
Representatives of Thai Nguyen Provincial Labor Confederation, Dai Tu District Labor Confederation congratulated the congress successfully

To date, the total number of Trade Union members at NPMC’s grassroots Trade Union (TU) is 1,480. Employees have stable jobs without layoffs even at the peak of Covid-19 pandemic, and stable living conditions. The average income of the employees in 2022 reached VND 13 million/person/month; the spiritual life of the employees is carefully taken care of, and labor relations are harmoniously established based on the principles of voluntariness, equality, cooperation and honesty. All employees are educated about the Directives, Resolutions of the Viet Nam Communist Party, Policies and Laws, Resolutions of the Viet Nam Communist Party Congress and the Resolutions of the Trade Union Congress at all levels. The employees have strong political standpoints, professional qualifications and skills, good sense of discipline, industrial working style and cultural lifestyle, abide by laws and labor discipline, stay away from social evils and follow traffic rules.

Every year, over 85% of employees achieve good performance, over 95% of trade unionists achieved outstanding performance, and over 90% of female employees receive the title “Good at national tasks and good at housework". The company is recognized as a cultural standard enterprise every year, with over 95% of employees achieving the title of "Cultured family."

During the second term, the NPMC Trade Union successfully held the annual Employee Dialogue Meeting, ensuring the implementation of democratic policy at company level and strengthening the collective voice. The TU Executive Committee regularly conducts inspection and supervision of the implementation of Labor Law, Trade Union Law, regimes, and policies for employees. It also proposes the Board of Directors strictly follow the social insurance, Health insurance, and Unemployment insurance, as well as pay more attention to the selection and nomination of outstanding unionists for admission to the Viet Nam Communist Party.

During term 2, 18 employees were nominated to attend the training course for candidates for Viet Nam Communist Party, of which 4 of them became members of the party.. The relationship between the Communist Party and the Company is strengthened to timely propose solutions and address issues related to the legitimate rights and benefits of the employees, promote democracy at the grassroots level, and encourage the employees to actively participate in building a strong Viet Nam Communist Party.


In addition, a lot of Trade Union-related activities have been conducted such as Meeting and giving gifts to all employees and unionists of the Company on the occasion of public holidays and Tet holidays, visiting unionists who are sick, getting married, or having funerals, etc. Charity work is always focused, the unionists actively participate in volunteer and charity activities and contribute to the funds. The well-being and legitimate rights and benefits of unionists and employees are improved and protected, ensuring the salary and reward policies of the Company. The grassroots TU organizes annual gift-giving programs for unionists and their children on Tet holidays.

Employees are cared for, visited, and encouraged timely when their family members are sick, get married or pass away. The employees and unionists communicated on the sea and islands and mainland border gates. It also provides input for Labor Law (amendment), holds a lot of communication activities to celebrate the major public holidays of the year and requests unionists to sign the commitment of non-violation of traffic rules and drug-related crimes. The Trade Union and Company maintain the emulation movement through the Monthly Star Award and Kaizen Award.

With the spirit of innovation, democracy, solidarity and development, the Congress elected 15 unionists as members of the 3rd Nui Phao TU Executive Committee, term 2023 - 2028 and elected 05 official delegates and 02 alternate delegates to attend the 11th Dai Tu District’s Confederation of Labor Congress to be held in the coming time. In the new term, the NPMC Trade Union will set out the goals and solutions to build a stronger Trade Union organization, contributing to taking care of and protecting the legitimate rights and benefits of employees and further development of the Company.