Helping women confidently master their economy

Thu Nga 11:10, 28/09/2022

With the motto of following Uncle Ho by specific and practical actions, over the past time, the Women's Union of Van Han commune (Dong Hy district) has had many good models and creative ways in activities. Thereby, contributing to arousing the spirit of competition among members, promoting socio-economic development and improving women's lives.

The tea planting model of Vu Thi Giang’s family in Lang Ca hamlet, Van Han commune, Dong Hy district.
The tea planting model of Vu Thi Giang’s family in Lang Ca hamlet, Van Han commune, Dong Hy district.

Currently, the Women's Union of Van Han Commune has over 2,200 members in 14 branches. Of which, more than 70 percent of members are ethnic minorities. In order to spread the movement of learning and following Uncle Ho and attract a large number of members to participate, every year, 100% of branches put studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style into action contents.

Ms. Do Thu Trang, Chairwoman of the Women's Union of Van Han Commune, said: "The branches have linked studying and following Uncle Ho with campaigns and emulation movements such as: "Women help each other develop the family economy”; “Helping poor women have addresses”; "Women join hands to build a new countryside"... thus, contributing to a strong change in awareness, action, and self-consciousness of women's members.

Ms. Vu Thi Giang, in Lang Ca village, who has just got out of poverty at the end of 2021, said: A few years ago, I was facilitated by the Women's Union to lend 30 million VND from the "Village of Hope" project. Thanks to this capital, I invested in renovating tea, buying F1 hybrid tea and making an automatic irrigation system. Currently, I earn 15 to 20 million VND per month from tea trees and have the conditions to feed my children.

Along with Ms. Giang, over the past time, over 700 turns of women members in Van Han have been able to access preferential loans from trust activities, with a total amount of 64 billion VND. In addition, the Women's Union at all levels in the commune maintains the model of "Cow bank". From 2021 up to now, the Association has supported breeding sows for 10 members of poor households.

Associations at all levels also regularly coordinate to organize training courses to help members apply scientific and technical knowledge to production and improve the value of crops and livestock. With effective ways, it has contributed to helping members have conditions for economic development, increasing income for their families. 

In addition to economic development, the Women's Union of Van Han commune actively responded and participated in the activities: Planting flowers on both sides of roads in the commune, with a total length of over 10km; over 85 percent of member families registered to implement the "5 no, 3 clean" model; collecting and classifying daily-life waste; implementing hygienic farming...