“Nurture the little green sprouts”

N.M.P 10:00, 07/02/2023
This is the educational program which Nui Phao Mining Company collaborated with Tan Linh Primary School to organize for 500 students of the school.
The students join in the quiz “Nurturing green sprouts”.
The pupils join in the quiz “Nurturing Green Sprouts”.

At the program, the students engaged in the quiz ‘Nurturing Green Sprouts’, which had 15 questions on tree-planting Tet and environmental protection topic, with enthusiasm.

In response to the teachings of the beloved President Ho Chi Minh, each spring, Nui Phao Mining actively organizes the "Tree-planting Festival" program to motivate all employees to take part in afforestation and tree planting, contributing to protecting the ecological environment, minimizing natural disasters, adapting to climate change.

At the program, the Company donated three trees for the school campus, with the specific intent of shaping the landscape, providing shade, and helping pupils spread awareness about the significance of planting, caring for and protecting trees, as well as how doing so will help mitigate climate change, reduce the effects of natural disasters and improve the environmental landscape by making it more ‘Green – Clean – Beautiful’.

Nui Phao Company donated 03 trees planted at the school campus.
Nui Phao Mining Company donated 03 trees for the school campus.

Tan Linh Primary School Principal - Ms. Bui Thi Kim Lien stated: "Nui Phao Mining has always had close attention and practical support to local schools, including Tan Linh Primary School. The ‘Nurturing green sprouts’ program is a very useful activity that will not only help our pupils become more environmentally conscious and work together to protect the environment, but together with the gift of a projector it will also serve as an excellent encouragement for teachers and pupils to work hard for better grades in the upcoming school years."

In  the coming time, the Company will continue to carry out more educational programs to help pupils gain more useful knowledge, improve learning quality, and bring joy after lessons.