Discussing solutions for improving added value of tea product

Cập nhật: Thứ ba 02/11/2021 - 23:01

On October 27, the Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations held a workshop on solutions to increase added value for tea products protected by intellectual property rights.

To date, the total tea area of the province is about 22,649 hectares. The output is 244,502 tons; tea production value (in 2020) reached VND 5,580 billion, accounting for 44.3 percent of the total production value of the cultivation industry. Currently, the whole province has one local brand, "Tan Cuong tea"; 7 collective trademarks. However, the value of tea products is still low, not commensurate with the potential and strengths of the province.

At the workshop, the delegates discussed many contents such as causes, factors, solutions to increase the added value for Thai Nguyen tea products.

In which, the delegates focused on solutions, such as: strengthening the State management in implementing the tea product development project; transferring the scientific and technical application for production; building brands, promoting trade and product consumption; promoting community tourism with product promotion; encouraging the development of high quality products.

Duong Hung
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