KheCoc tea products exported to Czech Republic

Cập nhật: Thứ sáu 10/06/2022 - 18:29
 Members of KheCoc Safe Tea Cooperative packs dried tea products for export.
Members of KheCoc Safe Tea Cooperative packs dried tea products for export.

After negotiating and testing food quality, from the beginning of June this year, KheCoc Safe Tea Cooperative, in TucTranh Commune (Phu Luong district) has signed a contract to supply tea products to Ngoc Chau Foods International Trading Investment Limited Company to export to the Czech Republic.

According to the contract, the Cooperative sells the Company all kinds of dried tea buds that meets the safety and organic standards, complies with the production and business conditions prescribed by the State, ensures the origin and quality during the production and export process. Currently, the Cooperative is urgently completing the packing of the first shipment to hand over to the Company for export.

As one of the first cooperatives in Phu Luong district to produce organic tea, KheCoc Safe Tea Cooperative is building a raw material area (that covers about 60 hectares), shifting from VietGAP to organic standard. About 40% of the raw tea area is irrigated by automatic rotating valves and this area is also being applied the irrigation method with 3G and 4G control. Thanks to the application of safe production and processing, the value of tea products was increased, reaching over 100 million VND / year.

It is known that the Cooperative have signed contracts to export its tea products to Japan and some European countries.

Van Hung (Phu Luong)
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