Recovery in labor export market

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 WoojinQPD Vina Co., Ltd, Hong Tien ward (Pho Yen City) creates stable jobs for more than 330 Vietnamese employees.
WoojinQPD Vina Co., Ltd, Hong Tien ward (Pho Yen City) creates stable jobs for more than 330 Vietnamese employees.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is well controlled, all socio-economic activities have been gradually returning to normal status. As a result, labor market in countries and territories around the world is now open to welcome human resources. Opportunities to recover labor export are opened across the country and Thai Nguyen is included.

After a long time waiting for the opportunity to work abroad, in March 2022, Mr. Luong Van An, in Yen Do commune (Phu Luong), entered Taiwan as a worker at HHCP Thanh Hung Casting Company. Sharing the same joy, Ms. Le Thuy Linh, in Binh Thanh commune (Dinh Hoa) has been allowed to enter Japan to work as an assistant at Syakaiiryohoujin Seichoukai Company since April this year. The dream of labor export has smiled upon them at last.

Mr. An and Mrs. Linh are 2 of the 485 Thai Nguyen citizens who have been admitted to Japan, Hungary, China and Taiwan to work in the first 5 months this year. In particular, Japan is the largest labor export market with more than 300 people, Taiwan nearly 170 people, the rest went to Hungary, China, Romania and Singapore. According to information from families with people working abroad, most of them have sent home their wages to support their relatives.

According to statistics of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, in the period 2011-2019, more than 1,500 Thai Nguyen people go to work abroad on average each year. They mainly come to in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Middle East countries ... Particularly, in 2019, more than 2,000 Thai Nguyen people go to work abroad (reaching 201.8% of the year’s plan). But from 2020, because many countries around the world restricted entry to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Thai Nguyen had only more than 1,300 workers allowed to enter and work in other countries. Entering 2021, the labor export market almost froze, the whole province had only 653 cases of labor export. Until the beginning of 2022, the pandemic was gradually controlled, the labor market in countries and regions of the world reopened. The provincial authority and enterprises participating in labor export sector have seized the opportunity, creating favorable conditions for workers wishing to work abroad.

A great number of people were consulted to participate in labor export to traditional markets such as Japan, Taiwan.

There are more than 50 units and enterprises involved in the field of labor export in the province, but the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs only cooperates with enterprises that have good capacity, work effectively, and can ensure benefits for workers. At job fairs organized by the Provincial Job Service Center, many enterprises registered to recruit thousands of targets of labor export and study abroad. Thai Nguyen Branch of ICO Group for example, it has a need to recruit 500 targets to study in Japan and Taiwan. Employees can study and work at the same time, and earn from 14 to 35 million VND / person / month. For Yamato International Human Resource Development JSC (Thai Nguyen City), it has a need to recruit 1,000 employees to work under the internship program in Japan, mainly in the following industries: agriculture, aquaculture, industry, food, garment, healthcare... with the income from 22 to 35 million VND / person / month...

The opening of countries and territories in the world to welcome foreign workers clearly shows a positive signal about the prosperity of the labor export market. Enterprises participating in the field of labor export in the province have quickly returned to operate in accordance with the new situation. Before leaving the home country, workers are provided vocational and language training, learn customs and laws of their destinations so that right after their entry, they can develop their own capabilities, work effectively and get the highest salary as they can.

In order to fulfill the labor export targets, while ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of workers, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has actively coordinated with functional departments and units to widely propagate about labor export activities and issues related to the protection of legitimate rights and interests of Vietnamese citizens migrating to other countries; send Vietnamese workers and experts to work abroad.

Along with that, the Department has also actively integrated these issues in conferences to disseminate the Labor Law, and working sessions to implement the province's employment program. At the same time, issuing documents requiring enterprises to strictly select and train necessary knowledge for employees; requiring employees to fully participate the training course, have a test at the end of the course that satisfy the requirements to be granted a certificate according to the regulations.

The support for people who wishing to work abroad under labor contracts with definite terms has directly helped to increase the income for employees, helped their families to stabilize their lives and develop their economy. Most especially, during the time working abroad, the employees' working skills, working style and life skills can be improved. Sao that after the expiration of the labor contracts, they have more opportunities to enrich themselves and the whole society.


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