Signing a contract to export tea to the Czech Republic

Cập nhật: Chủ nhật 19/06/2022 - 15:36

Khe Coc safe tea cooperative, Tuc Tranh commune (Phu Luong) and Ngoc Chau Foods International Trade Investment Co., Ltd (Hanoi) have just signed a contract to export tea to the Czech market.

Accordingly, the two parties agree to sign and perform a contract of sale and purchase of goods that are dried tea products of all kinds, meeting Vietnam's safe standards. Goods are legal, valid and comply with the production and business conditions prescribed by the State.

Goods are provided with quality assurance according to food hygiene and safety standards, ensuring the origin, not providing poor quality goods, not according to the agreed standards.

At the signing program, the two parties signed a principle contract under the witness of leaders of Phu Luong District People's Committee and leaders of some specialized departments of the district (photo).

 Signing a contract contributes to promoting and improving the export capacity of Khe Coc safe tea cooperative in the coming time. At the same time, it opens the opportunity for Thai Nguyen tea to connect with fastidious markets in the world, thereby increasing the value of the province's tea products.


Phuong Hao (Phu Luong)
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