Thriving tea area at Tam Dao mountain’s foot

Cập nhật: Thứ hai 13/06/2022 - 11:01

Located right at the foot of Tam Dao mountain range, with cool climate in all 4 seasons, abundant irrigation water flowing from the ravine, the tea area of Hoang Nong commune (Dai Tu) has a beauty that few places have. With a total area of 494 hectares, including more than 400 hectares of commercial tea, tea is no longer a plant for poverty alleviation but has become a plant to enrich Hoang Nong people. Along with that, taking advantage of the nature, local authority and people cherish exploiting tourism potentials of the tea hills.

A corner of Hoang Nong.

The gentle mountainous terrain gives Hoang Nong tea area a beauty that few places have.

To increase the value of tea trees, local authority is mobilizing people to expand production areas according to VietGAP standards, towards processing organic tea.

Since most of the tea hills are planted with branches of tea trees, the productivity and quality are getting higher and higher.

The productivity of Hoang Nong’s tea is about 125 quintals/hectare.

Skillful farmers can have an income of 300-400 thousand VND / day from picking tea buds.

Many households have a fairly wealthy life thanks to the tea tree.

The tea valley in Cau Da hamlet, Hoang Nong commune has become a destination attracting a great number of visitors.

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