Cập nhật: Chủ nhật 09/01/2022 - 16:40
The delegates pressed the button to launch the provincial smart tourism information portal.
The delegates pressed the button to launch the provincial smart tourism information portal.

On January 7, Mr. Duong Van Luong, Vice-Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Steering Committee for Tourism Development, presided over the conference to deploy the Provincial Tourism Development Scheme in 2021-2025, towards 2030 and launched the provincial smart tourism portal.

The scheme aims to help Thai Nguyen become a tourism center of the Viet Bac region with the tours linked with tea and tea's culture, thereby developing tourism in professionalism, quality, and efficiency.

The scheme gives the targets in 2025, such as at least five provincial-level tourism sites and five community tourist destinations; 5.200 standard hotel rooms and at least two 4-star hotels; 3.25 million domestic and international visitors, and 16,000 laborers. By 2030, the province strives to attract 5.6 million visitors, attracting investment in adventure cave tourism products. The desired total revenue from tourism targets VND 6,600 billion. 

Accordingly, the province has to deploy some key tasks to achieve these above goals. The total budget for the project is expected to be VND 833.6 billion.

At the conference, the representatives also listened to reports and participated in discussions and comments on the draft Regulation on the operation of the Provincial Steering Committee for Tourism Development; draft Regulation of the Provincial People's Committee on the level of support and the method of implementing support for the development of community tourism.

In conclusion, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee directed the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to regularly evaluate and summarize the implementation of the scheme and propose specific solutions to restore and develop tourism in the new situation. Besides, he required that the related units strengthen propaganda and promote tourism and digital transformation. He also requested that each locality need to develop typical tourism products.

On this occasion, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism officially launched the smart tourism portal of Thai Nguyen province, with the domain name: https://mythainguyen.vn.

Vu Cong