Bringing meaningful gifts for the needy

N.P.M 16:55, 31/01/2023

Amidst the busy chaos in the end of the year, representatives of Masan High-Tech Materials visited a number of needy families to present warm and meaningful Tet gifts. On this occasion, the company also contributed 80 million VND to ‘Fund for the Poor’ of the Thai Nguyen province and Dai Tu district.


There are many families among those visited by the Company who, despite their determination and hard work in business and economic success, have a family member suffering from significant ailments, making life more challenging than ever before. Mr Vu Dinh Vinh's family, for example, in Hamlet 4, Tan Linh commune, has six people, including two main laborers, one old mother, and three little children.

Each Tet gift is packed with love and heartfelt wishes for a happier and better life. For many years, Tet gifts for the poor have been an annual tradition, expressing responsibility and the spirit of "mutual affection and devotion," sharing love, and contributing to bringing a warm Tet flavor to the needy in the community.

Giving love to "Tet for the needy" is a long-standing tradition at Masan High-Tech Materials. Only from 2010 till now, hundreds of people in difficult situations have been shared each New Year and Spring with a total of more than one billion VND.